To fix many issues with OpenShot, you can reset the program to its default settings. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the "File Explorer" on your Windows computer.
  2. Navigate to the "C:\Users\(YOUR_USER_NAME)\.openshot_qt" folder.
  3. Delete this folder, which will remove any settings or corrupt files that could be causing issues.
  4. Once you relaunch OpenShot, the program will automatically create a new folder with the default settings.
If you've used OpenShot before, save your "C:\Users\(YOUR_USER_NAME)\.openshot_qt\recovery" folder before deleting the parent folder. This folder contains recovery copies of your projects that OpenShot periodically saves to your $HOME folder. To keep your projects, follow these steps:
  1. Move your C:\Users\(YOUR_USER_NAME)\.openshot_qt\recovery folder to a temporary location (e.g., your Desktop or Downloads folder).
  2. Delete the C:\Users\(YOUR_USER_NAME)\.openshot_qt folder.
  3. After relaunching OpenShot, move your recovery folder back to the C:\Users\(YOUR_USER_NAME)\.openshot_qt folder.
These steps will help you reset OpenShot to its default settings and save your recovery projects.