To configure OpenShot to create and edit Animated Titles using Blender, please use the following instructions:

  • Download and install Blender v2.80 or higher. 
    - OpenShot v2.5.1 does not support versions of Blender later than 2.83. 

    - OpenShot v2.6.0 and later supports Blender 2.90 and later.
  • Launch OpenShot Video Editor and open the Preferences window.
  • Click the Browse button to the right of the field next to Blender Command (path).
  • Locate the Blender executable file, then click the Open button.
    - In Microsoft Windows, the path is similar to 
    C:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/blender.exe.
    - OpenShot changes the backslash to a forward slash in Windows because of its Linux heritage.

    - In macOS, the file path is similar to 
  • Click the Close button in the Preferences window to save the file path to Blender.
  • Open the Animated Title window from the Title menu on the top menu bar (or press Ctrl+B or ⌘+B).
  • Click on a title template. After a few seconds, a preview appears. 
    - The preview could take up to a few minutes. Some titles render more quickly than others.

    - If a preview image appears, you successfully connected Blender with OpenShot.

    - If you get an error message regarding "Blender is required for this action," ensure the file path is correct.
  • Fill In the template, then click the Refresh button to see a rendered frame of the animated title.
    - If the preview image is blank, there is a configuration issue that OpenShot and Blender cannot resolve.

    - Do not change the Font Name value. OpenShot cannot pass fonts other than the default Font Name value.

    - Change the values in the template, then click the 
    Refresh button to see your changes in the Preview window.
  • Click the Render button to create an animated title and save the image sequence to the Project Files list.