You can usually fix crashing or freezing with the following suggestions:

  1. Your computer may be struggling with the video editing process.  This issue is most familiar with laptops and older hardware, and you can handle it by following this video.
  2. If the above video did not solve the freezing/crashing, try a new OpenShot project for testing.  Also, test another video using a new video profile.  This approach allows us to see if the issue is in the installation or something happening with a specific video, and OpenShot is not cooperating.
  3. Uninstall / Reinstall the latest version of OpenShot (or the latest Daily Build if the current stable version is the problem.)
  4. Try resetting OpenShot to its default settings.  Open File Explorer and delete the C:\Users\(USERNAME)\.openshot_qt folder.  Removing this folder removes settings and many things that can, in theory, become corrupt.  OpenShot automatically recreates the folder with the default settings when you relaunch the program.  The OpenShot uninstaller does not remove this folder, so your previous settings are saved, often causing projects to fail.
  5. If the bug happens again (after a clean reinstall and removal of the C:\Users\(USERNAME)\.openshot_qt folder), immediately send us those log files.  The best approach is to open File Explorer and browse to your C:\Users\(USERNAME)\.openshot_qt folder and delete the libopenshot.log and openshot-qt.log files.  Then relaunch OpenShot, and recreate the errors.  Now you can open a bug report and send us the openshot-qt.log and libopenshot.log files.
  6. Download and install the latest Daily Build of OpenShot Video Editor. The latest bug fixes and feature enhancements should address the crashing or freezing issues.